“The thing about people…

“The thing about people who are truly and malignantly crazy: their real genius is for making the people around them think they themselves are crazy. In military science this is called Psy-Ops, for your info.”
― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

I just had a long, miserable, mind-boggling, awful encounter with my soon-to-be-ex. When I walked outside afterwards, I was surprised that the world was still moving along as usual — people shopping, rushing home from work, laughing, loud.


It took me a few blocks to feel like them again.

David Foster Wallace said it better than I ever could.


9 thoughts on ““The thing about people…

  1. Oh Honey! I’m so sorry! But I’m also thrilled that you were able to walk, breathe in & out, move forward. There were times on this road that I was reduced to near-catatonia. Just sit & stare, not really hearing, just numb. Good for you for purging the poison.

  2. Oh, I went numb. But worse than that, I started wondering if maybe he was really right, and I was wrong? I sat there with reams of evidence in front of me, and STILL, he was so convincing that I nearly started believing him. But I got through it. And the only way out is through.

  3. I *know*, right? Here we probably committed it to memory so we could entertain and/or calm our kids when we were out & about, and all along there was another purpose just waiting for the problem to present itself. Kinda like we’re able to turn our tragedies into blessings through the most surprising ways.

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