Snow Day! (DPchallenge)

Monday, 8 pm

Lulu wears her pajamas inside out and begs her big brother Connor to help her flush ice cubes down the toilet. When children wear inside-out pajamas, the skies open up, and snowflakes begin falling. When every child flushes ice cubes down the toilets, the ice journeys down through the city’s sewage system and freezes the ground enough to make the snow pile up.

Lulu believes this because she is seven and believes in magic. And because her music teacher told her it was true.

Connor has exactly 42 days to his ninth birthday , and he doesn’t believe any of it. But flushing ice down the toilet sounds like fun.

The forecast calls for three-to-five inches of snow, but Lulu and Connor look a bit worried. They have been burned before. Nothing is worse than waking up to slick rainy sidewalks instead of a winter wonderland.


Tuesday, 11, pm

Lulu and Connor finally fall fast asleep, and no school closing decisions have been made yet.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.53.46 AM

Tuesday, 5:18 am

The iPhone starts buzzing madly. School closed! The ice cubes worked.

Tuesday, 8 am

“Oh, no, where is the snow?”

Not a lot of snow out there. But Lulu and Connor yell and scream and run around deliriously. No school! No school!

Tuesday, noon

Playdate up the street! Connor leads the way.

Crunch Crunch Crunch. His feet sank into the snow.


He dragged his feet s-l-o-w-l-y to make tracks.

Tuesday, 1 pm

More slush than snow. But a snow day is a snow day is a snow day!

5 thoughts on “Snow Day! (DPchallenge)

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  2. Great job with the challenge. I liked hearing the music while I read through your post. Ahh, the magic of a snow day! I’m a teacher, and we love them too. 🙂

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