Getting Ready to Walk

Getting Ready to Walk

Status: 2 1/2+ years of Separation, and the Divorce of the Century is nowhere near finished.

Update: Job interviews have started for me, after staying at home with my children for nearly ten years.

The Good: The jobs aren’t bad. At all. I can write and edit all day long and get paid a little bit.

The Surprising: That anyone wants to interview me after I haven’t worked [in an office] for so long.

The Agonizing: Leaving my “babies” and going back to work. Figuring out babysitting. Explaining this to my children. The guilt. The time crunch. The stress. The “not being there.”

The Answer from a wise friend:
Yes, dear, baby steps and BELIEVE that it will work out as it is meant to be. You are on track and finally on the road you now must travel in life. Grab a comfortable pair of shoes & get ready to walk girlfriend. Your babies will be fine. You must believe in yourself and that things will work out.


Me: Picking out my brightest, more comfortable shoes. And trying to breathe.


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