Why sociopaths do so well in court

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 It takes a long time to catch on to a sociopath. Sooner or later, everyone sees through them. But it takes a while. Normal people don’t expect layers of lies. They try to make sense of the lies, and they want to believe others, especially others who seem so confident, passionate, and free of shame. 

But sooner or later, the house of cards falls. Truth prevails. And despite the sociopath’s best intentions, the ex-spouse escapes. 

It just takes time, patience, and lots and lots of stamina. 

3 thoughts on “Why sociopaths do so well in court

  1. I can’t say how much this makes sense. My own parents wrote a letter of lies to a judge about me to refute the truth I told. It is very frustrating to be lied about and then believed when you yourself told the truth. But I take courage in the fact that I know in my heart I did the right thing and I would want not be in their shoes.

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