“Broken” as it applies to my family…

“Broken” as it applies to my family….

(A post by thewanderunner on Brieflections.)


^^^^^I love this so much.^^^^^

I could say x’s family is broken because her husband is an alcoholic, and she has an eating disorder and likely a personality disorder.

I could say y’s family is broken because her husband calls his children fat and lazy and no-good.

And I could say z’s family is broken because she openly despises her husband because he travels all the time and cheats on her with a younger colleague and possibly many others.

But I would never say those things. So why is it okay to say them about divorced families? My children are doing okay, and in my heart I know they are growing up to be two wonderful, caring human beings who know they are loved and cherished.

My children have been knocked around a bit. And life will knock them around more, like it always does. But I think they will be more prepared than most. They are not broken, and they will not be broken easily.



4 thoughts on ““Broken” as it applies to my family…

  1. My daughter recently observed just that, that couples who are together are not necessarily happy. In fact she even said to me that she felt I was better off single. I just need to become a little resilient to the knocks from others.

    • Hello Elizabeth! I hope you’re doing well. That’s so interesting – I want my children to have a realistic perspective of marriage and relationships. I wish they had some more good models of healthy marriages. In fact, sometimes, so do I. But for now, I agree: build resiliency and see what the future holds.

    • Thank you. When I step back and think of people throwing around the words “broken” to automatically label other people, it makes me a little sick. I thought we were beyond saying such thoughtless, destructive things about people. But I guess when it comes to divorce, you’ll still a fair target.

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