The world is going mad. We are executing writers, journalists – cartoonists! I think of my children and what images they might see on a television over the upcoming days, and how to explain this hatred and backwardness and violence and evil.

We are Catholic, though not very religious, and my children attend a Protestant school where they are taught two things about religion:

God loves us.

We love each other.

My children believe that everyone is equal, and that all people are the same, no matter what their religion or nationality or ethnicity. Because this is all they’ve known.

I’m not sure how we will explain this sort of hate to them.


4 thoughts on “JE SUIS CHARLIE

    • Yes, they are so exposed to things now through social media and their iPads, etc. Interestingly, their teachers didn’t mention it. (They are in third and fourth grades.) So they heard about it from friends. I almost feel like the teachers could have brought it up in discussion in an age-appropriate manner since the kids are all talking about it anyhow!

      • That does seem a bit odd, doesn’t it? My sister is in the fifth grade and her teachers didn’t mention it at all. Really, though, is ignoring it and pretending the kids don’t know what’s going on the best way to handle a situation like this?

      • Once the children know about the story, I would think that teachers would want to address it in class. I wonder if there are any teachers here who could tell us why they don’t? My children go to a private school, and I am certain they are told not to discuss tragic current events. I’m not sure if public school teachers are told the same?

        I think it’s a mistake. Children can learn from these events – and I bet it’s comforting to hear a teacher reiterate what their parents say.

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