After the Divorce

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I don’t know if I’ve really done this since I was 23.


5 thoughts on “After the Divorce

    • The way I look at it is that what is best for my kids is best for me and therefore I am doing what is best for me.
      (and I agree it is easier with one certain individual out of the picture).

      • I agree Elizabeth…and in the long run, I will receive in spades when they’re grown and share their families with me because of the pathways I am creating with them now. Blessings for a wondrous future of littles and family togetherness that I dream will come to fruition! 🙂

      • Yes, me too. My children have always been my focus, and they continue to be.

        What I’ve realized over the past three years is that I can not take care of my children well if I’m not taking care of myself. So that includes eating well, and sleeping enough, and going to the gym, and making time for coffees and time with friends. These are the things that I let slip for so long. I was always running around watching NPD Ex and fixing things and trying to avoid the next calamity with him.

        So now it’s a whole new world for me.

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