Moms Doing Too Much

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I’ve been procrastinating on a very hard story I have to write for work. Now it’s late. Or at least it will be very late tomorrow when I will probably get caught not having it done. It’s nowhere near done. It sucks. My children are home from school for another snow day. This weekend I am participating in a huge event to raise money for cancer. I am starting to train for a long run. I can’t find a check I was supposed to deposit in the bank. I haven’t start tax returns. I can’t edit my own writing, and I no longer have a good editor to do it for me. I’m doomed! I went to the gym this morning and got the fireplace serviced, but now I’m even later on my deadline. I went to get my hair done yesterday afternoon, which made me EVEN later on my deadline. I went out for dinner and drinks last night and then watched several episodes of Bosch – and now I’m really getting into trouble on my deadline. It’s making me late now on other deadlines. The article sucks, and I suck, and why am I such a terrible writer? Shouldn’t I be spending more quality time with my children today? Why do I want to take a nap in the middle of the day? I don’t want to cook, so we’ll have to go out to dinner. Where is the nearest place with salads? Where are my car keys – again? Shit, that deadline. Tomorrow! I suck. I suck. I suck.

And so it goes.

If I don’t finish this article, my life will continue like this. I vow to finish it tonight so that I can catch up with the rest of my life.

It’s the only way to fix the rest of this mess. When will I learn not to procrastinate?


10 thoughts on “Moms Doing Too Much

    • My talking bubbles are saying it’s nearly 11 pm and my son’s tooth just randomly popped out, covering his pillow in blood, and now both children are awake and moving around upstairs and yelling that it’s an adult tooth that fell out (it’s not, of course), and I just raised my voice very very loudly to inform my children that they must go to sleep IMMEDIATELY because they were most definitely the last children awake in the world at this hour – all this making me the worst mom ever! Because, of course, yelling is now as bad as hitting a child. Yet my kids ignore all loud voices and just keep talking, so I’m really starting to question the whole parenting theory about yelling being equivalent to hitting. I mean, really????

      Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

  1. Rule number one. Love yourself. You would never speak to anyone else like that, sweet friend. So start with forgiveness of yourself. Second, stop trying to write. Turn on some good music and grab a drink. Dance in the kitchen and let it go. The words will come. Hugs.

  2. When I can’t write, or just don’t want to, I do head stands. Or at least try. Makes my kids laugh and gets the blood flowing to my head. Weird, I know, but we writers are a little off by nature.

    • Thank you. Hmmmm, I know I can do a handstand, but not as sure about a headstand. Maybe that’s just what I need! I do know that a little yoga would help – just need to figure out how to carve out that time. Thanks! 😉

    • I know, we all are. Oh, except my new sister-in-law who doesn’t have children yet and manages to make her lunch in trendy mason jars – and go to daily $40 SoulCycle classes!

      Yet she can’t wait to start her family. 😉

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