Je Suis Charlie 2


My children came home from school today with lots of questions.

My son: Mom bad men killed cartoonists, like Charlie Brown.

Me: Well, the people that were killed were not cartoonists that made cartoons for children, like Charles Shultz. He was the cartoonist who created Charlie Brown. But the cartoonists that were killed made cartoons for grown-ups.

My daughter, surprised: Grown-ups like cartoons?

Me: Yes, for newspapers, and these cartoons were like stories about current events – about things going on around the world. And the bad men didn’t like the cartoons. They got mad about them.

My son: So they KILLED the people who made the cartoons?

Me: Yes.

Stunned silence in the car. My children had no more questions. They just needed time to digest the insane world of grown-ups.

We didn’t have to get into the politics of the events in France. Those questions will follow, I am sure. For now, my children are just trying to get their minds around the fact that two very bad men were so mortally offended by a few cartoons that they executed 12 people in cold blood.

Oh, in the name of god. That’s going to be a little difficult to explain.